Robin Shapiro

Feng Shui Consultant

Robin Shapiro is a Red Ribbon Certified Feng Shui Consultant. She has had a lifelong love of nature, which naturally developed into a curiosity about feng shui. Now Robin is able to incorporate the influence of feng shui into all of her designs to help clients create spaces that encourage emotional peace, health, and wealth. She has a knack for intently listening and observing her surroundings to find ways to help each client with their unique needs. Although feng shui is at the core of what she does, it is more than just where things go. There is a true science to her design, and her wealth of knowledge on the subject is translated in everything she does.





Ron Sager


Ron Sager has a background in creative, technology and business. He is committed to adding value to people and helping them manifest health and prosperity in their lives. Ron has pursued and studied personal growth and development and prosperity and abundance principles. He has previously served as a program leader for a global organization in the business of transformation, coaching and effectiveness. Ron has been a student of the healing arts for several years as well as a supporter of arts and culture. He is a certified Reiki Master, student of Kabbalah and certified ThetaHealing® practitioner. He has curated several events at arts and cultural centers in the city of Chicago, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Athenaeum Theatre, and the Chicago Cultural Center.