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Year of the Metal Ox


The Lunar New Year cycle of the Year of the Metal Ox is marked to begin on Friday, February 12, 2021; however, we are entering into the energies as early as one month before this date. On February 12, 2021 we will be fully immersed into these new energies of the Metal Ox.  This year is the second year of a twelve year cycle in the Chinese Zodiac. Last year, the year of the White Metal Rat was about creating a new foundation. This year, we have another metal element in the White Metal Ox. The metal qualities are a continuation of the energies of 2020, which are about communication, creativity, forward movement and fortitude.  This is the central theme of this year’s energies.


Themes for the Metal Ox Year: 

  • Slow and steady wins the race
  • A strong work ethic, focus, dedication, seeing through on projects 
  • Be intentional with your words and actions
  • Get the job done


















The Metal Element        


The metal element is a solid, dense element. Like the Ox, is very intentional, thick and slow, it is  steady and stable. 2020 gets complete this year with the hard work of the Ox: “slow and  steady wins the race”


In 2021, we will  be rewarded for our efforts.  Be in the Oxen work ethics: slow and steady wins the race, stick with itstay the course and be diligent. You will see the fruits of your labor in the later part of the year. Keep moving forward! 


Feng Shui Representation 


  • The Metal Element is represented by the Number 7
  • The shape is a circle
  • The color is white (and pastels)
  • This is the “creativity/children area” and the “helpful people & travel areas” of the bagua map                     
  • If you’d like to be heard this year, wear white 
  • The metal element is about communication, chit-chat. Be mindful of your words. You do not want to gossip as it can have a negative effect on you and others. 


Famous OX People


  • Princess Diana         
  • President Barack Obama
  • Walt Disney              
  • George Clooney




Famous Ox Slogans

  • Walt Disney slogan: If you can dream it, you can do it….
  • President Obama slogan: “Yes We Can”


These slogans are the words to keep you going forward each and every day: plant new seeds, ”slow and steady wins the race”, “focus” on your goals and soon you will have achieved your “next step”.

Zodiac Signs 2021

Each year the current sign has a companion, a “friend” sign.  This year the friend to the Ox is the Rat.  Other good friends of the Ox are the Snake and Rooster. Read about their characteristics below.  




Rats move effortlessly this year. They give their all.  Quick, resourceful, versatile, and kind-witted.





Ox has a very strong work ethic and expects others to deliver. This will be a positive and productive year.  This is a year of creating structures. There is a broad vision.





Tigers will have to adjust to the work ethics of the Ox. Ox requires Tiger to focus and work hard. Tiger will want to go fast, not this year –  slow down.





Stay the course. Do not go too far away from home this year. Rewards come later. Keep on going – Slow and Steady Wins the Race.





Dragons are dreamers. It is a promising year ahead for the Dragon.  Expect a year of steady progress in the reaping of activities started in the previous year of the Rat.  You must work hard this year. Stay focused and grounded this year.





This will be a better year than 2020 for the Snake.  This is a fortunate year because of harmony with the Ox. Your work will be rewarded. Be conscious of how you approach difficult subjects and handle certain relationships.





Horse will succeed by maintaining more control in personal interactions this year. This year with the Rat friend will not be easy for the horse. Be even keeled in your relationships and you will do fine.





Sheep/Goat will tend to have a difficult time in the year of the Ox.  They are opposite from the Ox in the zodiac chart, which creates challenges. Actions to take would be to develop structures, declutter, and stay focused. Organize yourself, home, and work literally and figuratively to clear your path this year.





The Monkey loves to play more than work. This will not work well for you this year. Use your wit and charming personality to move through obstacles this year. Enlist the help of others.





Rooster’s upcoming year will be most fortunate because roosters values are most closely  aligned with that of the Ox.  They are highly compatible as roosters are hard workers on a daily basis. Ox offers stability, faithfulness, and sincerity. You can recuperate from the previous year. Stay true to your nature. Last year was difficult, but this year you have success with the Ox influence.





Dogs have a difference in perspectives, Ox likes to stay the course while dogs want to stray.  Dogs fight for the underdog. You may meet resistance this year. Be conscious about how you could change your thoughts to expand your vision.





Luck will be on your side  as long as you abide by the Ox’s rules. Opportunities for advancement will come to you and you will need to adopt the Ox ‘s strong work ethics. Pigs are realistic and goal-oriented, which fits well with the Ox.  Remain diligent in efforts and good fortune will come!