Feng Shui Red Envelope Tradition


Why do we honor the Red Envelope Tradition?  The red envelope practice is a time-honored tradition that  is rooted in ancient Chinese customs and culture.  The color red symbolizes good luck and power and the envelope is presented in a rectangular shape envelope that represents a shield of protection. These are given on special occasions such as weddings or Chinese New Year.


The Feng Shui teacher who shares sacred wisdom and mystical cures is presented with red envelopes with money in them. This tradition is between the teacher/master and the student/client,  that honors the information the student is receiving from the teacher.  Multiples of nine are most auspicious. Customarily you place one or more dollars in each envelope and give any combination of nine. You may also add coins in the envelope which add weight, they are also auspicious. The red envelopes energetically protect both the giver and receiver.


The Red Envelope:


  1. Show the giver’s sincerer intention, appreciation and respect for the sacred knowledge shared.


  1. Protect the practitioner from harm for sharing sacred information.


  1. Strength and increase the effectiveness of the information given.


  1. Acknowledge the integrity of the working relationship.


The red envelope tradition expresses respect and sincerity for the practitioner’s wisdom and knowledge as well as the Feng Shui practices and traditions. The practitioner takes the envelopes home and blesses them to strengthen and increase the effectiveness of the information shared for the person/group.